Acid Erosion

acidic-erosionAcid Erosion is a wearing away of the surface of the tooth enamel. Acid erosion can change the shape, texture, and general appearance of your teeth. It could increase sensitivity and make your teeth very weak.

When the tooth is exposed to acid from food and drinks like soda and juice, it weakens and softens the surface of your teeth. Saliva helps re-harden the tooth but because this process is much slower than the breakdown, you end up with weaker teeth than you started with. Foods like fresh fruit, vinegar, pickles, and ketchup cause erosion.

Patients with a risk of acid erosion:

  • Frequent snackers
  • Soda drinkers
  • Consumers of very acidic food
  • Certain medication
  • People with dry mouth

 Home Treatment:

  •  Reduce the number of times you eat acidic food and drinks
  •  Do not swish soda and acid drinks in your mouth
  •  Use a straw and place it in the back of the mouth before drinking acidic drinks
  •  Chew sugar free gum – This will increase your salivary flow
  •  Finish a meal with cheese or milk – Neutralized your mouth
  • Use fluoride toothpaste – strengths your teeth!
  • Drink more water – naturally protects your teeth from erosion.