Swallowing Deficiency

Swallowing deficiencies are very common in the disabled population. This can greatly affect oral hygiene but with a few modifications to your oral hygiene routine, you can make taking care of your client’s oral health much better even with a swallowing disorder.

What is a swallowing disorder?  

A swallowing disorder is also known as dysphagia. These clients have a hard time swallowing and moving food from the mouth to stomach.

    How to Identify a Swallowing Defect:

 1. Client coughs right after eating or drinking something

2. Food or liquid leaks from the mouth

3. Needs extra time to chew and swallow

4. Throat clearing is a problem

                                                            5. They avoid food that is hard to swallow 

Home treatment:

  • Use no more than a pea size of toothpaste
  • Use fluoridated rinse dipped on a toothbrush instead of toothpaste
  • Use a small piece of a sponge and dip it in fluoridated rinse and brush the clients’ teeth using the sponge