Why use a Pediatric Dentist?

There are a few different options when picking a type of dentist to go to that can treat special needs patients. Here is a short summery of pediatric dentists and general dentists. Each have dentists that are trained in working with different aspects of special needs dentistry, so you have to find one that best fits the needs of you loved one or client.

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are trained beyond dental school to cater to children from infancy to teenage years. They have been trained to handle children and special needs cases. They have had approximately two to three years of training after dental school. They are excellent are caring for the health of children and will often continue to care for your special needs child after their 18th birthday.

Why use a pediatric dentist?

  • They have the facilities to treat patients with disabilities
  • TheyDentists have had 2-3 years experience with children and special needs cases
  • Many individuals with disabilities are non-verbal and tend to be very visual. Pediatric dentists are familiar with how to communicate with them.
  •  They are familiar with techniques on how to grasp the attention of the individual
  •  Can provide parents with tips on how to maintain proper oral care.
  •  Use behavioral therapy

Pediatric dentists are very good for treating children with autism. Children with Autism are at high risk for dental disease for the following reasons:

  • They are often orally sensitive which makes it hard to provide routine at home oral health care by caregivers
  • Parents avoid the dental visit because of preconceived fears about the d
    ifficulties associated with a routine dental visit
  • Autistic children often have oral habits such as chewing and biting which alters the position of their teeth and makes their smile less than attractive
  • Correction of a poor bite is perceived as impossible
  • Trauma from accidents injuries the front teeth of autistic children
  • Behavioral management is often rewarded with candy leading to an increased decay rate

These concerns with individuals with autism can be best addressed by a pediatric dentist who is aware of what to look out for in individuals with special needs. In order to be familiar with how to treat patients with these concerns, the dentist has to have experience with these types of cases. In the extra training the pediatric dentists gets, they are exposed to working with a wide variety of cases.

Family Dentist Vs. General Dentist

Dentist -kid

A family dentist is similar yet unique from a general practice in that both practices cater to oral hygiene and primary care for adults, but family care goes one step farther and accepts patients of all ages, making it a one stop shop for families with children. Preventive care, as well as cleans and basic dental work can be taken care of by family dentists and general dentists. Special needs patients can be offered care at these offices if the facilities are available.