The special needs community deserves a beautiful smile and access to amazing care. For those of us who are lucky enough to know someone in the special needs community, we know their smile is, for many of them, their most important means for communicating with the world. 

It is really challenging for this population to brush their teeth themselves or the traditional way, and even harder to find a dentist who is able to treat their specific needs. For parents and caregivers, it can become very frustrating to perform basic oral hygiene needs and find access to information for their person’s specific needs.

A simple task such as brushing teeth can be extremely difficult for this population, but can have enormous benefits to not only the person’s oral health, but also his or her overall health. Maintaining oral health can improve overall quality of life by reducing unnecessary pain and discomfort.         

Here we will provide some information on ways to make oral health care for the special needs community easier and more accessible to help maintain these beautiful smiles. We have some tips and tricks to make brushing easier for all different scenarios, abilities and behaviors.