Group Home Brushing

For those caregivers working at a group home, here is a short video to help you brush your client’s teeth. We completely understand that brushing your client’s teeth at first may seem like a daunting task. So here are a few helpful tips to hopefully make it easier!

How to do it:

  • Put on all the necessary protective gear- eye protection, mask and gloves.
    • This is really really important to protect not only yourself but also your client from the spread of any infectious disease
  • Position yourself higher than your client
    • The easiest way is to have your client in a chair with you standing up behind. Check out our videos on “How to brush using a chair,” “How to brush using the floor,” “How to brush using a couch,”  and “How to brush using a bean bag chair” for more tips.
  • Position your hand under the chin for support and to lift the head so you can see
  • Distract the client by having him or her watch in the mirror
    • This also helps your client understand what is going on
  • If the individual is not keeping his or her mouth open, check out our tips and tricks on “saying ah”

We completely understand how difficult this is at first! But do not give up as it really does get easier each time. Remember you are doing a huge service for your client and helping with his or her overall health.

Check out this short video for more tips and tricks: