There are several oral related concerns for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Here are some oral manifestations your loved one might experience:

  1. Self injury that can create ulcerations and lesions in the mouth: this can be caused from biting lips or picking at gums
  2. Non – Nutritive Chewing: biting on clothes, toys, pencils, and sensory chew toys
  3. Grinding
  4. Tongue Thrusting
  5. Cavities: high sugary snacks used sometimes for behavior rewards
  6. Erosion: caused by regurgitation/ acid reflux
  7. Poor oral hygiene from difficulty in brushing, etc.

Individuals on the autism spectrum might have difficulty the first time at the dentist. With time and patience, your loved one will get used to the dentist and the office. To prepare your loved one, try making a communication board specific for going to the dentist as well as showing them different tools that might be used.

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Many individuals on the autism spectrum experience oral sensory sensitivity. They might have difficulty with traditional toothpaste. We have some tricks and tips to help find ways around this which you can find here.