Crowding and Orthodontics

You may have noticed that your loved ones have a lot of crowding with their teeth. This is very normal and nothing to worry about. If they have crowding, it is really important you try and floss since it is easier for food to get trapped in between the teeth. Most people have crowding and in order to get straight teeth they require braces and other space making appliances by an orthodontist.

Should I take my loved one to the orthodontist?

Orthodontists are specialists who treat crowding and can evaluate your loved ones for braces or other appliances. Braces usually take from 2- 3 years to straighten teeth and require visits to the orthodontist every few weeks for changing of the wires. While having straight teeth is ideal for anyone’s self confidence, many people with special needs may not be the best candidates. The individual must be able to sit still in a dental chair for about an hour for placing the braces and for every visit that requires a change in wire. Additionally, because braces are a very big food trap and difficult to keep clean, the individual must have amazing oral hygiene or else they can easily get terrible cavities from just having braces on.

Many parents and caretakers are usually disappointed when we tell them that their loved one would not be a good candidate for braces and straight teeth. But remember as long as you can keep their teeth healthy and that individual is smiling, you are doing everything right! With or without braces, they have a beautiful smile!