Infants and Toddler Brushing

The little guys tend to move and wiggle the most when it is time to brush. One of the easiest ways to brush infants or young kids’ teeth is for you to sit on a chair and have the infant stand in front of you.  We know it is hard especially when the child is crying and screaming, but we promise you it will get easier each time.

What to do for an infant:

  • Position yourself so you are sitting down
    • For toddlers and young children check out our videos on “How to brush using a chair,” “How to brush   using the floor,” “How to brush using a couch,”  and “How to brush using a bean bag chair” for more tips.
  • Hold the infant so that he or she is nestled close to your shoulder so you can use that arm and side to hold and support him or her. You can also use your legs to help hold him or her more firmly.
  • With the same hand that his holding him or her, support the head and chin in an upward position
  • If the individual is not keeping his or her mouth open, check out our tips and tricks on “saying ah”

Check out this short video for more tips and tricks:

We know this video makes it seem easier than it is, but just remember that after you do this everyday, your child will start to get used to brushing and will be less resistant.