Protective Stabilization

For many of our loved ones, going to the dentist is really difficult and scary. Our loved one might not be behaving or able to stay still while moving their arms, legs, heads or entire bodies.  But not to worry! Most pediatric dentists are equipped with a tool called protective stabilization. While the term  protective stabilization  is scary, it actually is a really helpful and safe tool that allows our loved ones to be treated. Essentially, protective stabilization is a type of wrap that goes around the arms and legs of the individual to keep them safe and still. This allows the dentist to work on their mouth in a very fast and painless manner. When I explain it to my own patients, I tell them it’s a blanket that is going to give them a tight hug to keep them safe and comfortable while we help their teeth.  As someone who has a loved one with special needs, I completely understand the fear of using protective stabilization so I wanted to introduce you to my own sister, Jackie.

Jackie has Cerebral Palsy and cannot easily sit still especially for dental cleanings. She has been going to the dentist every 3 months for cleanings and each time has used protective stabilization. As you can see in the pictures, the wrap is applied very gently over her arms and tops of legs so that the dentist is able to hold just her head. The best part is that every time she goes, the dentist is able to really clean her teeth while she is safe, still and happy. She is completely happy before, during and after the procedure. In fact, she tends to relax in the wrap as it gives her comfort and ease during the cleaning.