Using Therapeutic Wrapping

If your loved one tends to move and wiggle a lot while you try to brush, you might want to try the therapeutic wrapping technique.  Essentially you are using a very gentle and light wrap that will calm your loved one and limit his or her movement making it quick and easy to brush for them.

What you need:

  • A simple sports bandage that you can buy from any sporting good store or any pharmacy.
  • Might need 1-2 sports bandages depending on the strength of your loved one

How to do it:

  • Place the individual in a chair or his or her wheelchair
  • Place the arms on the side of the body
  • Place the wrap behind the back around to the front
  • If needed, place a second wrap the same method, but higher then the first wrap
  • Position the head so the chin is lifted up
  • Now it should be easy to brush!
  • If your loved one refuses to keep their mouth open, then refer to the “say ah” page for some tips and tricks

You will be surprised by how the therapeutic wrap makes brushing significantly easier. The wrap causes zero harm to the individual and in fact, they might enjoy the comfort and ease of it. 

Here are two videos that will demonstrate how to use the wrap and explain some of the benefits of it: